About Me

In my professional life I cover all the bases for online marketing; a keynote speaker, blogger, graphic designer, web designer, eCommerce manager, and generally online addicted. I also happen to love great design, even if I haven’t always been able to talk my clients into it. I love managing several creative ventures at one time.

I started walking a few years ago in a overdue bid to gain my health back. Walking turned into running and now I am a triathlete. I lost 80 pounds along the way.  You have to be brave to put on a wet suit in public.

I share my fitness journey every Monday as co-founder of 8WomenDream.com in the hopes that you will join me. If you’re open to change, I want to teach you how to change your life through making just a few small adjustments to your diet and how you exercise.

I’ve worked as a freelance designer, owned my own graphic and web design business, facilitated several business training workshops on online marketing, worked in corporate and small business on marketing teams from 2 to 40 and love collaborating. Really. I also enjoy a tough problem to solve.

You can contact me here and review my resume online.